sHEET hARBOUR, NS Port of Sheet Harbour

Vital Facts: Sheet Harbour, NS
801 Marginal Rd.
Halifax, NS B3H 4N4

Phone: (902) 423-8637

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Port of Sheet Harbour: Only 85km from the circumpolar route, the fastest way to Europe

The Port of Sheet Harbour is one of the closest ports to Europe. Being only 85km from the circumpolar route it saves great deal of amount of time. Our experienced and dedicated professionals from our Halifax terminal will supervise all phases of the cargo handling operation as our skilled employees discharge and load various cargoes. We handle two different categories of cargo from this port. General cargo: such as; wood pellets and steel girders, and steel rails and drums. The other is project cargo, which includes electrical power generators, wind mills and transformers for utilities.



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