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First Street Wharf
New Orleans, LA 70130

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Port of New Orleans

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Port of New Orleans: Center of International Trade

With direct access to the Mississippi River and the American heartland, our facility at the First Street Wharf provides you with direct access to the busiest port complex with a team of professionals dedicated to handling your cargo with the expertise you can only find at Empire. The largest part of our operation at the Port of New Orleans is transloading general cargo such as steel bars, rebar, aluminum ingots and heavy construction equipment from vessel to barge and vice versa along the mid-stream system of the Mississippi River. We offer pure steel transloading practices between mode of transportation: vessel, rail, and truck with complete sorting capabilities.

Operating out of First Street wharf, our berth has 1275 feet of frontage with a 140,000 square foot transit shed. The wharf also has 96,000 square feet of open area for storage, storage of equipment and commodities that are not weather sensitive.. All of our Gulf operations are major steel handling ports for importing and exporting of cargoes.


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