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It was the pioneering spirit of Empire Stevedoring founder, Sam Chodos, that brought the company to where it is today. When Empire Stevedoring began in 1931, the company had but a dozen employees, a small stable of equipment, and one port to its name. Sam conducted his business with honesty, hard work, integrity, and respect while engendering a spirit of innovation, competition, and collaboration.

Embracing the enterprising philosophical spirit he learned working alongside his father, Ted Chodos expanded upon his father’s guiding principles. The principal architect who laid the foundation for long-term success, Ted Chodos is largely responsible for the expansive growth and commitment to excellence the company has experienced. Ted’s grand vision and steely commitment, combined with a steady and confident leadership, provided the impetus for the company’s evolution into the worldwide shipper’s solution it has become. Ted’s focus has never been on needing to be the largest Stevedoring business but on being committed to gathering the most dynamic, qualified and skilled professionals in the industry to be the best in the business. The legacy continues today under the direction of Andrew Chodos. Under the leadership of the third generation of Chodos to guide Empire Stevedoring, the company now operates on 9 major ports across North America and is recognized as a global leader in commercial stevedoring and special marine services.

Empire has transformed considerably since Sam Chodos oversaw its first shipment at the port in Montreal more than 80 years ago. As the company continues to evolve, some things, like the founding principles and values that remain firmly ingrained in the company today, will never change.

Three Generations, One Vision

Sam Chodos, Founder & President, 1931- 1975

Sam Chodos created a culture that fostered innovation, communication, teamwork and the essential values that laid the bedrock for the Empire’s enduring business model. Sam was succeeded by his son, Ted Chodos.


Ted Chodos, President and CEO, 1975 -2010

The son of founder Sam Chodos, Ted Chodos continued to grow the company’s operations during the better part of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Through acquisitions and by investing in the latest cargo-handling machinery, information technology and communications equipment, Empire’s network of marine terminals in North America expanded significantly under his tenure.


Andrew Chodos, President and CEO, 2010 – Present

Andrew Chodos, whose leadership has been responsible for devising and overseeing the implementation of broad strategic initiatives, has been a pioneer in his own right, leading the company into the modern era alongside his father by embracing innovation and technology that increases safety and efficiency. His stewardship of the company is guided by the very same values espoused and honored by his father and grandfather before him. Along with his late father, Andrew was instrumental in expanding the company’s operations through acquisitions, organic measures, and through value-added partnerships with vertical and horizontal chain suppliers.



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